Food Safety and Quality are of paramount importance to us and we are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all we do.


To ensure products stored and delivered by us are safe and of the best quality, we have the following Certification, R962 (General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and Transport of Food). A food safety and quality program has been implemented using the guidelines as prescribed by HACCP (SANS 10330), PRP systems (SANS 10049), GFSI (Guidance Document) and ISO principles (SABS 9001:2008); including:


  • Management Involvment

  • Identification of Products

    • Storage

    • Distribution

    • Receiving

    • Traceability

  • Sanitation Requirements

  • Policies/Procedures

  • Non-Conformances

  • Training


to ensure that potential hazards during the handling, storage and transportation processes are recognised and controlled. Where relevant, we adhere to the regulations laid down in the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectant Act, (Act No 54 of 1972). Some relevant GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) principles are also implemented to ensure a high level of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained at all times.


We endeavour to:


  • ensure compliance with all relevant food safety legislation and regulations.

  • define and implement appropriate standards and systems for raw material sourcing and distribution. Such systems include supplier quality assurance, relevant HACCP/ISO principles, GMP and non-conformance.

  • train, develop, support and recognise our employees so that they take responsibility for the improvement of quality.

  • embed relevant HACCP principles at all stages of product handling, storage and transportation.

  • ensure full traceability of the products we sell.

  • seek to become the preferred supplier to our customers through sustained improvement of quality in all aspects of our business, such that our quality becomes a competitive advantage.

Food Quality & Safety

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